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During a teeth checkup, your dentist will be looking for things like cavities or gum disease so treatment can begin right away if necessary. Plus they will give advice about how best to look after them between teeth checkups!

At Post Family Dental, we understand the apprehension many patients feel before their appointment. That’s why our team takes extra care to make your visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible! If we uncover an issue such as a cavity during your teeth checkup, you can be assured of gentle treatment which will take into account both your oral health needs and any anxieties you may have regarding pain or discomfort.

If you would like to schedule a dental checkup,  Dr. Shawn Post and Dr. Brian Post and our staff invite you to call (312) 782-7650 or fill out the request appointment form.

At Post Family Dental, we can help you head off any major dental issues by catching and treating small problems before they worsen – saving you from the uncomfortable experience of advanced decay! Schedule your checkup today to make sure those pesky little toothaches don’t have time to develop into larger concerns.

A 2014 Gallup Poll found that visiting the dentist is a key factor in protecting your natural teeth. In states with higher dental visit rates, there were lower percentages of adult tooth loss! For example, Connecticut had an impressive 74 percent of adults who visited the dentist and only 9 percent missing their full set of permanent teeth. 

Fortunately for those facing dental issues – we are here to help! Our team offers reliable solutions such as dental implants or bridges so you can get back your bright smile again fast and easy!

We answer your questions about teeth checkups and cleanings at Post Family Dental in Chicago. 

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Tasmia Kamal
I had a fantastic experience at Post Family Dental where they expertly conducted my X-rays, thoroughly cleaned my teeth, and examined my dental health. Not only did they provide exceptional service, but their friendly and welcoming nature made the entire visit a pleasant one. It’s a nice family-owned place where they treat you well. Highly recommend if you are around the loop!
Amy T
Dr. Post and his staff are wonderful. It is a pleasure to visit this practice. Pain free gentle dental.
Deep Patel
Highly recommend for their attention to detail, experience and knowledge, and genuine care for you & your teeth
Lucy Wang
Beautiful office with a great view of Lake Michigan, a family owned service where they know you, don't try to upsell you on products, and provide great cleanings and dental care. Highly recommend
Caitlin O'Hearn
If you’re looking for a quality family practice that is looking out for your best interest, come here!
Ruxandra M. Drasga
Highly recommend this practice. I had a couple of procedures done and everything went flawlessly. Short wait times, prompt service, all staff goes above and beyond, genuine. Cannot ask for more. Thank you all!
Susan W
Terrific dental office and services. Everyone - the reception, hygienist and dentist are super friendly and attentive. I’ve been seeing Dr. Brian Post for several years for both semi-annual checkups and dental work which has been excellent. Also, for those that drive the two hour parking garage validation makes it super convenient.
Amberly Nguyen
I went to Post Family Dental for a cleaning and checkup and they were so friendly and thorough. Dr. Post and his team are the best!