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How a Chipped Tooth Can Lead to a Serious Problem

Don’t let a chipped tooth ruin your gorgeous smile! A cracked or damaged tooth can be due to biting down on something too hard, cavity damage, and other dental issues. Nonetheless, it is essential that you get dental care right away before the circumstance worsens. With proper treatment from an experienced dentist, you can restore your teeth’s beauty and regain confidence in your appearance once again!

Dental issues caused by a chipped tooth

A chipped tooth is one where a fragment of enamel has broken away, with the extent dictating the type of treatment required to repair it. The ramifications of an untreated chip can be dire, potentially leading to any number of dental problems such as…

1. Tooth decay

Cavities, small holes caused by acids created by the bacteria in your mouth eating away at tooth structures, can form if tooth decay is left untreated. If this occurs, cavities will continue to worsen until eventually compromising the structural integrity of the teeth or opening up into its pulp chamber.

Teeth are protected by an outer layer called enamel, which is the strongest material in the body. It is also what mostly comes off when a tooth is chipped. This leaves the inner, less durable layers of the tooth exposed to acids that they would normally be protected from. The result is tooth decay and perhaps, infection.

2. Increased teeth sensitivity

When tooth decay occurs, it strips away the defense of enamel that guards our inner teeth. This allows food and beverages to penetrate into the dentin where a vast number of nerve endings are located. When this happens, those with chipped teeth usually feel heightened sensitivity towards hot and cold foods/beverages. Fortunately mending the damaged tooth usually alleviates this added discomfort.

3. Cuts to soft tissues in the mouth

When a piece of your tooth snaps off, the remaining portion often has sharp edges that can cut soft tissues in the mouth such as your tongue or inside cheeks. These cuts increase one’s risk for infection, so it is important to monitor and take care of them appropriately.

4. The tooth falling apart

If a tooth has suffered substantial chipping, crowns are required to ensure its integrity. Without the correct treatment, this can lead to further breakage and even complete disintegration; especially if you chew on that side of your mouth. To protect your teeth from falling apart, it is important to seek out appropriate dental solutions as soon as possible.

Prevent problems by getting appropriate dental treatments

Dentists have a variety of tools at their disposal when it comes to treating chipped teeth. Treatments like composite bonding can restore your smile during a single visit, while treatments like veneers and crowns can provide a more permanent solution.

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